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The Henry McGee Connection

aka "That's Henry McGee!!"


Mission Statement : To collate, document and discuss, all things McGee.

The Work of McGee


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Henry McGee

Born 14th May 1929

Kensington, London, England

Died 26th January 2006


One of Henry's classic Benny Hill appearances

Welcome to Bemuddlement's Henry McGee Connection. . For many of us, Henry is best known for his supporting work with British comic genius Benny Hill, but it was whilst watching  "The Italian Job" the other day, that Bemuddlement once again found ourselves saying "That's Henry McGee!!", a phrase often uttered whilst watching films and repeated televisions shows from the 1960's onwards. This got Bemuddlement thinking, just how much Henry McGee is out there and where will it take us?  "The Henry McGee  Connection" was born.

As we find the information, we hope to chronicle and detail the work of Henry McGee and take you off the beaten path too. As always, it will remain "A work in progress"